Coordinated Technical and Financial Strategies
Environmental Risks

Below are some general, introductory comments about environmental risks and consequences. We suggest evaluating the specific environmental exposures and opportunities facing your organization.

Common Areas of Environmental Concern
Environmental risks derive from contaminants that we introduce into the natural environment, or that are already present for which we have responsibility.

Contaminants include not only harmful industrial chemicals, but many otherwise innocuous substances that cause harm based on their concentration and location.

There are many pathways for the spread of contamination and identifying the sources, responsible parties, and extent of impacts is costly and time-consuming. For environmental risks, prevention really is worth more than cure.

Environmental Conditions to Consequences
Harmful environmental conditions radiate damage in waves of consequences, starting with impacts to people, property and the natural environment.

Entities usually incur legal costs in response to regulatory actions and claims for damages, followed by costs to investigate and address the conditions. Business impacts come in many forms, from management time and business interruption to liability disclosure and damaged reputation. Watch for systemic impacts and feedback loops.

Don't wait for environmental risks to hit your financials!