Environmental Solutions for Financial Executives

At ER&FS, we focus on the often-overlooked intersection of environmental risks and financial objectives. Our advisory services address:

What distinguishes our services? We develop integrated solutions based on our expertise in both technical environmental issues and financial risk management.

As independent consultants, we strive to offer complete and impartial advice, treating your concerns as ours.

Latest Blog Posts

April 26, 2016
Long-Term Thinking

What’s your planning horizon? In a recent interview with the FT, Jin Liqun, the impressive president of the newly-launched Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), commented, “We’re thinking in terms of centuries.” He noted the importance of infrastructure investment for “broad-based … Continue reading

April 22, 2016
Earth Day Reflections

On this Earth Day, let’s reflect on the benefits we receive from nature and on the impacts – positive or negative – that we, individually, have on the natural environment. Take a moment to consider how we each can improve … Continue reading

February 18, 2016
Navigating Environmental Risks Through Market Limitations

Recently, a large multinational manufacturer of construction materials asked us to help them create a financial program to manage their environmental risks over many years. Like most companies that have been around for a while, they had facilities with historic … Continue reading

Are your environmental risks material? Environmental risks tend to be latent, unobserved problems until they are suddenly promoted to immediate attention by a transaction (M&A, real property, financing), a mandate (regulatory scrutiny, legal action), or other event (capital improvement, discovery).

Do you have significant coverage gaps? 90% of environmental insurance policies we have reviewed omit key coverage or contain critical exclusions, severely limiting the value of the insurance.